Meet the Artists

Ryan - Owner and Artist

Ryan has been tattooing for about 5 years now. He started on himself and his desire for bigger and better things quickly grew. He has worked hard at growing his skill set and believes that the day you stop learning is the day you fail as an artist. Ryan is fully certified and licensed as an artist and as a business owner. He also has a certificate of apprenticeship where he spent a year working under a 30 year veteran of the industry. Ryan has been in the Vancouver area for just over a year now and decided it was time to take his love for quality and custom art to the next level. This is how Pachyderm Ink was born.

Ryan's main focus is realistic detail in his work and loves doing big full color pieces. Anything from floral to creative bio-mec / bio-organic images. If it requires a keen eye and a more realistic looking approach he is totally up for the challenge.

If Ryan is not tattooing or drawing at work he usually can be found at home fabricating little projects in his garage or working on personal art projects. Adding to his creative ambition is his ability to play multiple instruments including guitar, drums, and trumpet. He enjoys good friends, good food and music. On any given sunny day his motorcycle can be found parked in front of the studio.

Despite his natural carefree and unbridled spirit, Ryan deep down is a family man. He has a beautiful wife who he has been with for over 10 years and two small boys who he loves hanging out doing "things and stuff" with.

Shawn - Artist

Shawn hails from the deserts of Arizona where he has been involved with various artistic mediums for most of his life. After working for a decade as a respiratory therapist and creating art as a hobby, he decided to peruse his true calling and learn how to tattoo. Now with a traditional apprenticeship and some pro experience under his belt, he's happy to be doing what he loves in a great studio.  Shawn loves bold colors and doing abstract takes on pieces.  He also likes to do traditional pieces with a modern spin.

Ross - Artist

(Biography Under Construction)